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Why a secure login makes sense

A normal internet connection usually works via the http port, also called port 80. If for instance you view this page, then http://... will be written in your browser bar. All data which is exchanged between you and our server is unencrypted, i.e. anyone who intercepts the data (called "sniffing") in your network at home or at some leaky point between you and the server can clearly read about what your computer and the server are talking. If you send your username or password this way, a sniffer could read it and break into your account.

The safe login prevents this. Here you will not use http and port 80, but https and port 443. The "s" stands for secure. Here all data which you send is encrpyted before, so that sniffers can still read it, but have no use for the encrypted data. In this way your account is much safer. Please always use this page.

It's for your and our safety.

Thank you!